"Aron Kahn is an excellent teacher of writing and journalism. Students in his Macalester College classes showed tremendous improvement in their writing skills."

-- Michael Griffin, Associate Professor of Media Studies, Macalester College

"Aron Kahn knows writing, how to teach it and how to get published, as evidenced by the success his students had in his magazine writing class at St. Thomas."

— Michael O'Donnell, associate professor emeritus of journalism, University of St. Thomas

"We've had many great writers over the years and Aron Kahn is one of the best."

-- Mike Burbach, editor and vice-president, Pioneer Press.

"Aron Kahn is smart, incisive and delivers a message extremely effectively; a very good man to have on your side."

-- Dave St. Peter, president, Minnesota Twins.

"Aron Kahn tackled our public relations crisis and turned PR to our advantage."

-- Bruce Lambrecht, real estate developer and originator of the Twins ballpark concept.

"Aron Kahn makes lawyers smarter in the court of public opinion."

-- Bruce Malkerson, attorney, Malkerson Gunn Martin.

"I'd been running successful businesses for 30 years and never had a story in the mass media. I asked Aron for help and he quickly generated five very productive articles. Enough said."

-- David Crary, founder and president of HindSite Software.